Mexican Cities for Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy

Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in Mexico

Having sleeve gastrectomy surgery is a good choice if you’re looking to save money and get operated on by a caring physician. Our cost of vertical sleeve gastrectomy consistently beats our competitor’s prices. We currently offer Gastric Sleeve Surgery or Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in four cities in Mexico. Each city has its own advantages for specific patients because each city uses one or more bariatric surgeons. We currently work with multiple surgeons to tailor each patient with the aptest surgeon to their health standing. Browse below to see what each city has to offer.

Mexican Cities For Gastric Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery

Gastric Sleeve in Tijuana, Mexico

Our flagship destination for gastric sleeve surgery is Tijuana, Mexico. In a safe and secure location, our hospital is just minutes away from the United States and Mexican border. Patients seeking sleeve surgery come to Tijuana, Mexico, because of its close accessibility and safe, new hospital. Our Tijuana’s brand-new hospital, commissioned in April of 2011, means you’ll be getting the latest medical technology available only minutes away from the US border.

Gastric Sleeve in Monterrey, Mexico

Our extremely modern, and technologically proficient hospital in Monterrey, is designed for people who need revision surgery, or patients who pose a greater health risk. Despite JCI hospitals and certified surgeons, Monterrey is relatively risky for medical tourists to travel for procedures.

Gastric Sleeve in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta, situated on the south-west coast of Mexico, is a famous tourist attraction with its diverse scenic beauty and rich culture. Mexico Sleeve Surgery in Puerto Vallarta offers experienced and well-trained medical personnel and doctors. Our Puerto Vallarta Hospital and bariatric physicians are top-notch, rivaling the most experienced bariatric surgeons in the world.

Gastric Sleeve in Cancun, Mexico

You can turn your weight loss surgery into a vacation in Cancun with your family. Cancun offers top-notch clinics and qualified bariatric surgeons at a reasonable price. You may want to avoid the months of July and August to travel to Cancun to get gastric sleeve surgery as heat and humidity are high.

Gastric Sleeve in Guadalajara, Mexico

Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery in Guadalajara, Mexico is another choice for bariatric surgery. Situated near Mexicali, Mexico, Guadalajara can be a great choice if you’re from in-land Mexico.

Gastric Sleeve in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico

Nuevo Laredo is a city in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas situated across from the American city of Rio Grande. Sleeve Gastrectomy bariatric surgery in Nuevo Laredo is getting traction for U.S. citizens in the midwest.

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