Gastric Sleeve Failure: Why Gastric Sleeve Didn’t Work

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Seven years ago, I had a sleeve gastrectomy, and it saved my life. I lost 160 pounds and got off all weight-related medications. I felt better than I had ever felt before, and I was at a point where I thought I could do anything.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t making the right choices which put my initial weight loss at risk. My mistakes and poor habits caught up to me, and soon enough, weight regain happened and I was back where I started.

Can Gastric Sleeve Surgery Fail?

After any bariatric surgery including gastric sleeve, gastric band (lap band), gastric bypass, or even duodenal switch surgery, you need to make changes to achieve weight loss results. It’s not an easy road, but it is critical to remember that weight loss procedure is just a tool. It is not going to do all of the work for you, and it was my mistake to think that would be the case.

While I couldn’t eat that much at first, I started eating more after the restriction ended. It would be one thing if I were eating healthy, but I was still eating junk food. I convinced myself that I could eat a little and still lose weight. That was true for a while, but eventually, it caught up with me.

My sleeve gastrectomy didn’t work because I failed to change. 

When Gastric Sleeve Stopped Working

These types of surgeries are about getting a second chance from health problems like type 2 diabetes and sleep apnea. You can only get that chance if you adapt to a new healthy lifestyle.

I didn’t make healthy food choices and the amount of food I was eating rose quickly. My pouch stretched and I lost control of my eating habits. I put soda back into my life and kept eating junk food. I also didn’t start working out until later on.

Gastric Sleeve Failure When the Sleeve stopped working

To this day, I regret the choices that I made. Candy, ice cream, and soda should not be some of the primary foods you eat after surgery. It is essential to stop these behaviors, so you don’t get sick or gain weight.

So much of this journey is also a mental process

Why Did My Gastric Sleeve Fail?

Putting the effort into losing weight

I never realized how addicted I was to food until I had my weight loss surgery and finally started talking to a therapist. Weight Loss Therapy is not for everyone, but I realize now that I should have started talking to a therapist early on in my journey.

First and foremost, my gastric sleeve didn’t fail… I failed my gastric sleeve.

I started gaining weight I did not prepare myself appropriately. I should have been more emotionally prepared instead of assuming I was going to be fine.

I’m not the only one to neglect my weight loss progress. Studies at UCLA showed that the failure rate was nearly 30 percent of gastric sleeve patients failed to lose the amount of weight they wanted or even regained weight within five years.

It’s crucial to follow your post-op diets and exercise routines regularly as your bariatric surgeon recommends. The most important thing is the effort you put into it.

What are my Options for Gastric Sleeve Failure?

When any bariatric procedure fails, there are typically revisional options. Thankfully for gastric sleeve, there are many failed gastric sleeve options that are available to patients.

Gastric Sleeve Revision Options;

  • Gastric Re-Sleeve
  • Gastric Sleeve to Gastric Bypass Revision
  • Gastric Sleeve to Mini Bypass Revision
  • Gastric Sleeve to Duodenal Switch Revision

Weight loss surgery is a long and challenging journey, but it is worth it in the end. If you want long-term success on your weight loss journey, you need to prepare yourself mentally and put in the work. Take the time to learn your new body and give yourself time to adjust mentally.

Don’t forget why you started this journey. You got this!

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Gastric Sleeve Failure: Why Gastric Sleeve Didn’t Work
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