Gastric Sleeve Complications, and Risks

Undergoing weight-loss surgery is a decision of risk verse reward.
Gastric sleeve surgery has it’s advantages over gastric banding and gastric bypass, but not without it’s possible complications and risks. Generally the risks and complications are similar to that of gastric banding surgery, but the expected weight-loss is similar to gastric bypass.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery, or vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a permanent weight-loss surgery that functions restrictively. By cutting the stomach, to resemble a sleeve, the stomach is reduced as much as 85%, therefore reducing the capacity that can be eaten. Studies have shown that the weight-loss rivals gastric bypass, while other studies show the risks are lower than gastric bypass surgery.

Potential Complications and Risks

Complications and risks of gastric sleeve surgery average about 3 to 5% of patients. Complications can be innocuous or seriously harmful such as infections, pneumonia, bleeding, and even death.

Leakage along the newly shaped stomach is another potential risk.
The stomach is sealed with staples, but sometimes, through improper dieting or chance, the staples will open causing stomach contents to leak internally. This problem requires a secondary procedure to fix and is extremely dangerous.

Another common complication is nutritional deficiencies. Patients will be relegated to eating and drinking at specific times, and lack of proper vitamins and minerals can happen. It’s important to regularly take bariatric supplements prescribed by your physician.

One potentially troublesome complication is the risk regaining all the weight lost. While regaining of the weight does happen, this can be completely controlled with a modified diet and a healthy exercise routine.

Decision based on Risk versus Reward

Gastric Sleeve surgery is a relatively safe procedure, but it’s a new weight-loss surgery to be adopted by the American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS). These risks are merely short-term, since gastric sleeve surgery is quite new there are no long-term studies about the efficacy and the potential complications and risks.

Overall, the decision to undergo gastric sleeve should be a decision of risks. What are the risks of not undergoing gastric sleeve? Are you considering another weight-loss surgery option?
Gastric sleeve is a permanent tool that can help morbidly obese patients manage their weight. If you’re considering gastric sleeve, I highly recommend consulting with us about the advantages.

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Gastric Sleeve Complications, and Risks
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