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Gastric sleeve surgeons are general surgeons skilled and equipped to operate a Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy (VSG) procedure to help weight loss. Possibly the most crucial choice you need to make when thinking of weight loss surgery is locating the best gastric sleeve surgeon. Most of all, it is the ability and experience of the gastric sleeve specialist that will have any effect on the well-being and success of your operation.

Physicians that perform gastric sleeve surgery are preferably expert in bariatrics. But, you cannot stand to underestimate their abilities or credentials. You may learn about them from a trustworthy medical travel operator that connects you to first-class sleeve doctors with confirmed licensed certifications. Remember that you should work with the right gastric sleeve surgeon if you are a candidate for surgery, as your life relies on it.

Best Gastric Sleeve Surgeons Near You

The Complete Guide: Locate a Gastric Sleeve Surgeon Near Me

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Gastric Sleeve Dr. Qualifications

General surgeons who have completed their residency training with further bariatric and metabolic surgery specialization are considered proficient gastric sleeve surgeons. The sleeve gastrectomy certification can take up to two years of fellowship-in-training, after the three-year general residency training.

Gastric Sleeve Dr. Specialization

You should pick a gastric sleeve doctor close to you who has received specific training from an accredited organization in bariatrics. Residents can acquire the industry-leading surgeons possible laparoscopic surgical practices through systematic education at these clinics and medical universities. Gastric sleeve doctors near you should be committed to continual training to keep up with their surgical skills.

Gastric Sleeve Dr. Experience

The best VSG surgery doctors would have extensive experience in bariatric procedures. The leading bariatric centers’ majority of their daily caseload is gastric sleeve surgery. Seasoned gastrointestinal surgeons have thousands of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) procedures under their belt. Having performed so many bariatric surgeries allow the surgeon to manage any unforeseen circumstances in the operation room and achieve sustained and successful outcomes.

Gastric Sleeve Dr. Certifications

Selecting the right gastric sleeve surgeon with bariatric-specific qualifications would give you the best anticipated surgical results. These physicians have already undergone several years of advanced and demanding medical training. They have met the accreditation requirements and demonstrated clinical proficiency and competence.

1. Doctor of Medicine

The first step to becoming a qualified gastric sleeve surgeon is to pursue four-year graduate studies in medical school. In the United States, the Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) is awarded by medical institutes as a “Professional Doctorate” and not a “Research Doctorate, Ph.D.” It takes four years after the 4-year bachelor’s degree for a total of eight years. In other countries like Mexico, the medical degree program’s length can vary from six to 8 years.

The next step is to complete a general surgery residency and fellowship in minimally invasive GI surgery. The length of clinical residency can vary from three to seven years, depending on the type of specialization and the country.

2. Board Certification

A qualified gastric sleeve surgeon has specialized training in obesity medicine by going through a rigorous program administered by the surgery council. Ideally, the bariatric surgeon you pick is board-certified by the obesity and metabolic authorities in their country of residence. Only a few bariatric surgeons pass the stringent criteria and are granted the distinguished board certification every year.

Your sleeve healthcare practitioner ideally poses the prestigious bariatric & metabolic board certification awarded only to a handful of surgeons. These distinguished surgeons go through a comprehensive evaluation to receive the certificate.

Requirements for Board Certification

Gastric sleeve specialists must fulfill specific provisions to be considered for accreditation in bariatrics. Requirements for board-certification in bariatric & metabolic surgery may include:

  • Degree in Medicine
  • Clinical Experience
  • Licensed in General surgery
  • Training in Gastroenterology
  • Minimally Invasive Practice

Most accreditation institutes require three years and at least 75 bariatric procedures in a certified hospital. Here are some of the institutes in the United States and Mexico.

Bariatric Surgeon Accreditation in the U.S.

The American Society for Metabolic and the Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) and the American College of Surgeons (ACS) combined efforts with their respective accreditation programs into a single program with a specific goal to provide one national standard for bariatric surgery center and surgeons. This program is known as the Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Accreditation and Quality Improvement Program (MBSAQIP).

MBSAQIP Standards

MBSAQIP - Bariatric-Surgeon-Accreditation

The MBSAQIP bariatric surgeon accreditation standards combine two existing programs to establish a standard that allows for continued success and high-quality patient-centered care. Accreditation is excellent for continuous quality improvement and patient care in bariatric surgery.

The goal of improving surgical care standards is the backbone of ACS, founded in 1913. Alternatively, ASMBS was founded in 1983 to advance bariatric surgery science by enhancing the quality and safe care. Furthermore, they bring a united front that helps combine all of those goals into one cohesive show that improves bariatric surgery quality in the United States.

Bariatric Surgeon Accreditation in Mexico

The accrediting commission in Mexico for Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery is Colegio Mexicano de Cirugia para la Obesidad y Enfermedades Metabolicas, A.C. (CMCOEM). Mexico CMCOEM is the committee that appraises, examines, and certifies the surgeons who apply for bariatric board certification. Mexican College of Bariatric & Metabolic Surgeons awards the honored certificate to a small number of specialists every year based on their rigorous requirements.

Steps to Find The Best Sleeve Surgeon

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Whether you are referred to the best gastric sleeve surgeons near you, or you consult with a trustworthy medical tourism company working with a proven network of gastric sleeve surgeons, these are the steps to take:

Step 1: Ask around your friends and family to get references from people in your close circle.

Step 2: If you cannot find a specialist through a referral, do a google search for gastric sleeve surgeons near you.

Step 3: Join an online obesity surgery forum with thousands of members and start looking at member reviews.

Step 4: Form a list of gastric sleeve doctors during your search and start contacting them for video consultation. Remember to formulate all the questions you may have, including the total cost of the procedure.

Step 5: Research the surgeon’s qualifications and verify their appropriate diplomas.

Step 6: Read the patients’ testimonials and watch their videos.

Step 7: Do a Google search for a medical tourism company with impeccable service.

Make arrangements for your trip to the surgeon’s office or coordinate with the medical tourism operator for the destination of your choice.

Find a Trusted Medical Tourism Provider

To locate a reliable and experienced medical tourism facilitator (such as Mexico Bariatric Center®) is a relatively straightforward task. MBC is the industry leader in an affordable self-pay gastric sleeve in Baja California, Tijuana, and Guadalajara. The thorough online search reveals the validity of the company.

How many years have they been around, and they have been in business. Make sure you read the patients’ reviews, videos, and look at their before/after pictures. Look for the surgeon’s credentials and certifications. See what their package includes explicitly, such as days in hotel and hospital.

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Find a Gastric Sleeve Surgeon Near You
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