Gastric Sleeve Failure: Why Gastric Sleeve Didn’t Work

Seven years ago, I had a sleeve gastrectomy, and it saved my life. I lost 160 pounds and got off all weight-related medications. I felt better than I had ever felt before, and I was at a point where I thought I could do anything. Unfortunately, I wasn’t making the right choices which put my […]

The History of Gastric Sleeve Surgery (Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy)

Gastric sleeve surgery is the fastest growing weight loss procedure in the United States; it’s grown significantly in the past few years, primarily due to its effectiveness and low risk of complications. Its popularity in the U.S. has helped bolster its popularity in Mexico as well. But, in the thirty years since its inception, the […]

Weight Loss Surgery Benefits: Type II Diabetes

A new study that was printed in the Journal of the American Medical Association in June 2014 and reported by HealthDay News shows that weight loss surgery has a more positive impact on patients with Type II Diabetes than just traditional care alone, especially when caring for the long-term results. It has long since been […]

Study Shows Sleeve Gastrectomy May Not Relieve Chronic Heartburn

According to a study published February 5 in the Journal of the American Medical Association, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy does not help GERD symptoms like first thought. The study looked at nearly 39,000 patients found that while traditional gastric bypass surgery did help reduce heartburn and acid reflux; the new procedure (sleeve gastrectomy) was unhelpful in […]

How Weight Loss Surgery Helps Older Adults

Obesity is growing worldwide, including in older adults. It is easier to gain weight and it gets harder to lose weight as we get older. Weight loss procedures such as gastric sleeve, RNY bypass and banding is an effective solution to obesity. However, these life-changing procedures are generally offered to younger adults. A new study […]

How Weight Loss Surgery Helps the Obese

Whether or not weight loss surgery is safe depends on the person undergoing surgery. According to an Oregon Health & Science University study, the benefits of this type of surgery carry more weight than the surgery risks do. Patients with a mild to moderate weight problem can see an improvement in high blood pressure and […]

Why Obesity is Linked to Depression

At a certain point in your life, have you ever felt being unhappy and miserable? That moment when you feel like you are at your lowest point and nothing is going right. Well, frankly speaking, you are suffering from what we call depression. Depression refers to a mental state in which you are sad and […]

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